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To Access the School Library Online Catalogue, click here:

Come check out the book fair in our library and help promote the joy of reading while supporting the school!

A large selection of books at many different reading levels will be offered. A portion of sales goes to stocking the shelves in our school library. Parent volunteers are needed, please contact the office if you are interested in donating your time. Hope to see you there!!

Tues., Nov. 4 from 10-4,
Wed., Nov. 5 from 10-4,
Thurs., Nov. 6 from 10-5 and
Fri., Nov. 7 from 10-2


My Principal's commitment to our community - is to BUILD more communication links with staff, students, parents, and the community at large. This website will be the collection point for all of that. Previously we have published paper wall calendars and focused on paper communication. This year, as we BUILD, we will renew our commitment to "Go Green" and send as much news and information home through email and on this website as possible. The most important facet of this is our ONLINE CALENDAR. As soon as the calendar is updated online, that information will be "live" in the calendar too.

Join us!

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