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Titans Welcome Author Michael Wade...

Click To See Front CoversOn Tuesday, April 14, Michael Wade, author of the And Then It Happened series, visited Twenty Valley Public School and spoke to students in grades 3 -8. The event was a HUGE success! The students were engaged, motivated and inspired by Mr. Wade. Not only was his presentation full of humour and laughter, it highlighted some key messages for the students: the importance of "everyday" words, the usefulness of rewrites throughout the writing process and that you do not have to be special to be a writer, each of us has the ability within our selves. We have had fantastic feedback from parents, teachers and students on the event. Mr. Wade's page turning novel series has become very popular among the classrooms at Twenty Valley!



The Lincoln County Humane Society asked local schools to produce ONE painted ceiling tile each to help decorate a new part of their facility. Not to be outdone, Twenty Valley students actually helped create SIX tiles for the upcoming facility:

Thanks to Mrs. Kleniewski and her Grade 6 class for coordinating, and Mrs. Presgrave's Grade 5, Miss Ventresca's Grade 7, Mrs. Campbell Azevedo & Mrs. Grano's Kindergarten, Mrs. Savage's Grade 1, and Ms. Cooper's Grade 3


Construction Sneak Peek... (March 20, 2015)



Titans' Focus:

The staff at Twenty Valley have been busy creating the focus for instructional goals in the areas of math and literacy for the 2014-2015 school year. Our commitment is to:

...develop life-long learners, mathematicians and critical thinkers who have the knowledge, thinking skills, confidence and perseverance to solve problems in their lives.

We, as a staff community, will work towards this goal by offering the students a multitude of experiences that foster and develop these skills.

In literacy, through the use of learning goals, success criteria and common assessment tools, the students will know and understand what it is that they are learning as well as what they are expected to do to show what they have learned.

In the area of math, we will focus on computational fluency (which is having efficient, flexible and accurate methods for computing). This begins in kindergarten when students learn to understand numbers, ways of representing numbers, relationships among numbers, and number systems and continues throughout the years as students are taught and learn strategies on how to be fluent in mental math, paper and pencil tasks and using technology such as a calculator when computing answers to situations involving numbers.


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